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        Brits call for 4G services for mobile working

        Brits call for 4G services for mobile working

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          British professionals want to see next-generation mobile services launch in the UK as soon as possible, a new study has suggested.

          In a poll conducted by Everything Everywhere – the UK parent company of Orange and T-Mobile – 82 per cent of consumers said they thought 4G networks could help the economy.

          And 74 per cent called for the latest mobile technologies to be used in the UK right away.

          While 4G mobile broadband and network services are already a reality in many countries around the world, the UK is lagging behind.

          Network operators are waiting for communications regulator Ofcom to auction off spectrum in the 800MHz and 2.6GHz frequency bands before launching next-generation mobile services.

          The auction is scheduled to take place later in 2012, although 4G services may not launch for some time afterwards.

          All the while, consumers and professionals are missing out on the benefits of super-fast mobile broadband.

          Equipped with 4G connectivity, they will be able to use laptops, smartphones and tablets to access the web in a wider range of locations – helping to support mobile working.

          And not only will network coverage by extended to more parts of rural Britain, but the download and upload speeds available to users are also set to rise.

          Mobile device users will be able to take advantage of a wider range of online services, helping them to maximise productivity when working away from the office.

          Olaf Swantee, chief executive Officer at Everything Everywhere, said consumers are calling for the fast and reliable broadband that 4G long-term evolution broadband can provide – and they want it now.

          “With nearly three dozen countries, including many parts of Europe, Asia and America having already rolled out 4G, it is imperative that the UK moves forward,” he stated.

          Mr Swantee said it is vital to build a 21st century digital infrastructure as soon as possible.

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