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        Broadband connectivity is vital for rural businesses – claim

        Broadband connectivity is vital for rural businesses – claim

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          The Country Land and Business Association has spoken out over the importance of broadband connectivity for rural businesses based in shared offices and other accommodation.

          Dr Charles Trotman, who is the head of rural business development for the Country Land and Business Association, said he thought businesses based outside of cities would struggle to compete if they could not access information in the same way as their counterparts in more urban areas.

          He said: “In order to be able to compete and compete effectively you need the most up-to-date telecommunications possible. Broadband is clearly that up-to-date telecommunications provision. Now, if you don’t have broadband you are unable to be able to compete with major competitors in urban areas.”

          The doctor added that it was important to do things online as that is where a lot of government forms and documents have to be completed online.

          Government plans to enhance rural broadband connectivity have been slated this week as inadequate. Many have accused the pledged £530 million as being too low to satisfy requirements.

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