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        BE Offices launches BE-Ball world Cup Penalty Shoot-out

        BE Offices launches BE-Ball world Cup Penalty Shoot-out

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          Business Environment has launched their World Cup game!

          You can’t change the outcome of the World Cup but you can enjoy the Business Environment Penalty Shoot-out game. Whether you play against the computer or challenge your friends, get yourself into the mood for the beautiful game’s biggest tournament…

          1. One Player Game
          Take on the world, rise through the competition, and lead the league.
          Winner gets an iPad!*

          2. Two Player Game
          Challenge your friends

          Flick Football
          Using your team with stars such as Frank Lampalm, Gary Flickerer, & Handy Coal you take on the pressure-cooker situation of the penalty shoot-out.

          The game will run until the end of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, when we will close the competition and announce our winner of the one player game, who will receive an Apple iPad*.
          If you want to take on your friends at then simply enter your opponent’s email address and the game will send them an email announcing that you have challenged them to prove who’s the best!

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