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        Business Environment Supports The National Forest!

        Business Environment Supports The National Forest!

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          Professional Office Cleaning Services (part of the Business Environment group of companies) have been making consistent efforts company-wide to minimise their adverse effect on the environment.

          In line with our ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard Professional Office Cleaning Services has made measurable contributions towards promoting and supporting The National Forest in their beneficial and commendable campaign to create 200 square miles of New Forest.

          The National Forest Company team has years of experience building creative, mutually beneficial, partnerships with the private sector.  Professional Office Cleaning Services is actively supporting The National Forest in one of the UK’s boldest and most ambitious environmental projects; the creation of a New Forest across 200 square miles of Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. The Forest makes a growing contribution to addressing climate change, absorbing carbon and helping to adapt to the long-term challenge.

          Spearheading the initiative is The National Forest Company, established by Government in 1995, guaranteed and sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). Professional Office Cleaning Services purchased a selection of native broad leaf young trees, known as whips, such as Oak, Ash and Silver Birch. On Friday 4th March Professional Office Cleaning Services visited an area of the New Forest, newly named Poppy Wood to plant the trees. Creating a new landscape takes ambition, time and sensitivity.  To date, nearly eight million trees have been planted already and woodland cover has increased from 6% to 18%, all of which are absorbing carbon and reducing the impact of climate change.

          Professional Office Cleaning Services is proud to have made a lasting contribution towards addressing environmental concerns and harbouring a strong relationship with this inspirational and visionary national project.

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