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        Business owners are getting more optimistic

        Business owners are getting more optimistic

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          Business owners are getting more ambitious and optimistic and this upbeat sentiment is filtering down to office space staff.

          According to new research from mobile working specialist T-Mobile, over the past year a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have been making “proactive changes” in their office spaces so that they emerge from the economic downturn stronger than when they went in.

          Martin Lyne, director of SME at T-Mobile, said many firms were now riding high on a “sense of ambition and optimism”.

          “With many looking to develop in new ways, extending into new markets and developing products and services, this sense of ambition and optimism is set to continue and stand them in good stead for any further economic upheaval,” he added.

          T-Mobile found that 58 per cent of SME owners are positive about the future and 55 per cent feel they are in a better situation now than they were a year ago.

          REC’s latest Jobs Outlook survey showed that 94 per cent of employers are expecting to either take on more staff or keeping staff levels the same in the coming next few months.

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