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        Businesses can save money by investing in low-carbon vehicles

        Businesses can save money by investing in low-carbon vehicles

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          Businesses operating in serviced buildings and other accommodation can make savings by investing in low-carbon vehicles, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

          With company car tax being based on CO2 emissions, encouraging companies that rely on a fleet of cars for their everyday business as well as those that use company cars to embrace greener models makes economic sense.

          Nikki Rooke, head of communications at SMMT, said: “As well as the savings from greater fuel efficiency that can be delivered, an electric or hybrid fleet can deliver savings on parking and congestion charges.”

          However, companies don’t seem to be embracing this green approach with enthusiasm.

          A recent report from motoring charity the RAC Foundation highlighted the low uptake of the government’s Plug-In Car Grant scheme, as only 215 vehicles were purchased with its aid between April and June 2011.

          The report added that there are currently less than 2,500 green cars out of a fleet of 28 million in the UK.

          The SMMT exists to support and promote the interests of the UK automotive industry at home and abroad, acting as the voice of the UK motor industry.

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