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        Businesses look to boost security in wake of riots

        Businesses look to boost security in wake of riots

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          Businesses operating in serviced offices and other buildings are increasingly using interim staff, according to the Business GP.

          SSR explained that retailers were seeking extra security support over concerns that they could be hit by rioters that are flagrantly looting and damaging shops without fear of punishment, Recruiter reported.

          Peter French, director of SSR, said that though extra security was being considered, the policy around London in particular was to simply close up business.

          Many businesses have responded to the riots by boarding up their shops as best as possible and closing early.

          Mr French told the recruitment magazine that the police were the only ones trained to deal with a riot situation.

          “You would not expect shop staff or retail staff to be put in the way of a mob of 100-200 people.

          “Having said that, security people do deal with disturbance. I know of situations around the country where stores have been laid siege to and it is only the private security sector that can deal with it.”

          Riots have broken out across London and other parts of the UK following the death of Mark Duggan who was shot by police officers.

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