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        Businesses need to address office space dissatisfaction

        Businesses need to address office space dissatisfaction

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          Workplace morale has taken a huge hit at a large number of businesses in recent times. Thanks to the recession, government cuts and widespread redundancies, even employees who have held onto their posts feel insecure.

          This feeling of insecurity appears to be impacting on every aspect of the office space, from engagement to productivity and managers need to do something about it.

          According to new research from performance development consultancy Lane4, 21 per cent of workers it surveyed said they trusted their managers less than they did last year – mostly for the reasons mentioned above.

          However, workers are adamant that having trust in their managers is something that will boost their morale – and the morale of their entire office.

          Some 93 per cent of respondents told Lane4 that trust in line management boosts performance.

          Speaking to, the firm’s managing director Adrian Moorhouse said: “Trust is crucial in the workplace, impacting job satisfaction, organisational commitment, team work and ultimately performance.”

          The recent recession has also reduced demand for environmentally-friendly office spaces – but that demand looks like it is starting to recover, according to Michael Shanks, chief technology office of Ultraspeed.

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