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        Businesses need to be given tax break incentives to go green

        Businesses need to be given tax break incentives to go green

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          There are plenty of companies striving to make their office spaces more environmentally friendly.

          Whether they are introducing recycling schemes, cutting back on paper wastage, outsourcing their IT infrastructure or installing LED lighting, large numbers of businesses are proactively reducing their carbon footprints.

          However, many are not and, according to Green IT Magazine, those lagging behind need to be given an incentive by central government so they buck up their ideas and boost their green credentials.

          Josh Boulton, publisher of Green IT Magazine, said: “Tax breaks are needed to incentivise companies to do the right thing.

          Mr Boulton claimed that many companies – particularly IT firms – see mandatory energy efficiency measures as just another tax.

          “The whole thing could be facilitated by some decent legislation and some structure,” he concluded.

          Part of the government’s Carbon Plan – the first draft of which was published last week – is to wean Britain off fossil fuels and roll-out national low-carbon heating schemes for both homes and serviced office spaces.

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