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        Businesses should be ‘assessing the impact’ of climate change

        Businesses should be ‘assessing the impact’ of climate change

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          Businesses operating within serviced offices and other buildings should be strategically assessing the implications of climate change on the work they do, according to Forum for the Future.

          The challenge now is for product design teams to come up with innovative ways of approaching the issue of climate change and capitalising on it.

          Iain Watt, principal sustainability officer at the company, said that firms will be tackling the issue of climate change in an entirely different way than the current orthodoxy.

          Mr Watt said: “The opportunity angle kicks in around whether you can actually sell your products in an slightly different way, market them in a different way, and actually use climate change or the broader resource crunch as something to inspire your product design team and give them a challenge.”

          His comments follow news from UK Trade and Investment, a British government agency, that the UK market for low-carbon and environmental goods and services is valued at more than £112 billion, within a global market value in excess of £3.2 trillion.

          Consequently, the opportunities for growth and large returns for business are massive.

          By 2015 the global market is expected to be worth over £4.3 trillion. By then the UK market could be worth £150 billion and employ over 1.2 million people.

          Forum for the Future is a non-profit organisation working globally with business and government to create a sustainable future.

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