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        Businesses ‘should learn’ from News of the World phone hacking scandal

        Businesses ‘should learn’ from News of the World phone hacking scandal

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          Businesses operating in shared offices and other buildings should learn from the News of the World phone hacking scandal, according to the Richard Denny Group.

          The phone hacking story has highlighted the importance of maintaining a culture of “honesty and integrity” in the business world.

          Richard Denny, chairman of the Richard Denny Group and a business growth specialist, said that managers were ultimately responsible for developing a sense of loyalty among their staff.

          Mr Denny said: “It’s all very well the managers saying ‘we didn’t know about this’ – they’re not doing their job correctly if they didn’t ask enough questions as to see where it came from.

          “Managers have to lead by example, and if their honesty, integrity and principles are up to scrutiny, people working for a boss will respect and trust that boss. There will be an element of loyalty there.”

          He added strong business ethics would encourage loyalty throughout the business and lead to a reduction of crime and malpractice.

          The Richard Denny Group is a business growth specialist that offers customised business training, consultancy and related services.

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