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        Businesses ‘should make office space greener’

        Businesses ‘should make office space greener’

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          A network of green office spaces, more closely aligned with public transport, could help the UK reduce its carbon footprint, it has been suggested.

          According to a spokeswoman for the Centre for Alternative Technology, the built environment is one of the key ways to reduce energy consumption and pollution.

          By thinking more about the design of office space, where it is located and how employees can access such buildings, it is possible to reduce environmental impact, they stated.

          The spokesperson said there are millions of properties in the UK that could benefit from a deep refurbishment to make them more energy efficient.

          This could involve the construction of office space with double glazing and insulated walls, they noted.

          And as well as reducing the amount of electricity and gas used by sitting tenants, this should also help keep their overheads to a minimum.

          In difficult economic times, the opportunity to pay less for energy must be welcomed, as it frees up cash to be reinvested in other areas of an organisation.

          “Urban planning is also crucial, siting our homes, workplaces and services near to each other so that walking and cycling become viable options for many more people,” the Centre for Alternative Technology spokesperson claimed.

          They added that the UK needs better and more efficient public transport services – which could help people get from their homes to their office space without the need to drive their own fuel-consuming vehicles.

          “We need to inspire people that less is more, to buy local and support local businesses, the spokesperson added.

          “Perhaps most crucially we need to roll out a comprehensive programme of education and information to inspire people to change their behaviour.”

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