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        Businesses should offer debt advice in the office space

        Businesses should offer debt advice in the office space

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          Added extras – including health packages and travel subsidies – are becoming increasingly popular in office spaces up and down the country.

          With the economic downturn still being felt in many industry sectors, and growth projections looking cautious to say the least, non-fiscal remuneration has come to the fore.

          However, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), businesses should offer their workers far more intangible benefits as well.

          CIPD’s performance and reward adviser Charles Cotton claimed that employers should encourage staff they know to be struggling financially to seek professional debt advice.

          Mr Cotton said: “What the organisation can do is perhaps put in an employee assistance programme – these are help lines for third-party organisations that employees can phone about a number of issues and concerns, including financial ones.”

          Education and advice will help even the least frugal office space workers get a handle on their financial situation.

          Recently, Carole Spiers, the chief executive of the Carole Spiers Group, claimed that encouraging healthy eating in the office space is another way of boosting morale in the workplace.

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