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        Businesses told to think carefully about social media

        Businesses told to think carefully about social media

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          Businesses operating in serviced offices and other accommodation do not need to embrace all types of available social media, according to

          One of the challenges confronting businesses is what social media actually is.

          Mike Seddon, founder of, explained that there is a tendency for people to “wrap up all the things that aren’t Google search” under the banner of social media.

          YouTube, for example, is not really a social media website.

          He said that certain types of businesses are suited to certain platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

          Taking Facebook as an example, Mr Seddon explained that 18 months ago it was an appropriate medium if a business had a “young person’s type product”.

          “You’ve seen now that there are brands for more mature people and if you look at the demographics of people joining Facebook, I think the growth rate in the over 30s over40s is much faster now than the 20s,” he said.

          “You look at the demographic of your business and you decide whether that’s going to fit well and I would suggest that for arguments sake, if you’re a firm of solicitors you probably wouldn’t go into Facebook you probably would go into LinkedIn.”

 is a web promotion company formed in 2001 by Vernon Riley and Mike Seddon.

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