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        BYOD ‘becoming more popular in the office’

        BYOD ‘becoming more popular in the office’

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          As businesses look to take advantage of mobile working opportunities, employees are increasingly using their own devices in the workplace.

          More and more companies are embracing bring your own device (BYOD) schemes, which allow employees to use their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops on company networks.

          Although some have been cautious at first, fearing greater security exposure, an increasing number of companies are seeking productivity gains through BYOD.

          Research conducted by BT Business revealed that 77 per cent of companies surveyed now allow consumer devices in the workplace, with 68 per cent having policies for use.

          And nearly half (47 per cent) of all employers are now using their own mobile devices in the workplace in bid to operate more effectively.

          Graham Sutherland, managing director of BT Business, said that companies are “clearly embracing the BYOD phenomenon”.

          He claimed there is “great reason” for them to do so, given the potential cost and efficiency benefits at stake.

          “Employees can pick and choose the devices they are most comfortable and productive with, and employers can reduce hardware costs,” Mr Sutherland stated.

          “For a growing business, BYOD can make a real impact on savings and efficiency.”

          He said that with technology evolving as quickly as it is, today’s IT manager “certainly has his or her hands full”.

          And as such, companies need to develop policies for the use of personal devices in the workplace, ensuring they are able to reap the benefits of BYOD while minimising the risks.

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