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Can you rent an office for a day?

In need of an office, but only for a day? Don’t worry – it’s possible to arrange office space for even the most unusual of requests…

Whether running a business by yourself or with a team, sometimes a coffee shop just won’t cut it. If you’re hosting a crucial meeting or need a temporary space to work on a major project, there are a range of office solutions available for rent…

Rent a flexible desk in a coworking space
If you’re looking for somewhere to work for you and a small team, you can rent a flexible or “hotworking” desk at a coworking space. This affords you all the benefits and luxuries you’ll need for a productive day of work, with prices typically including free tea and coffee, a desk to work from with phone, and ergonomic chairs. If you’ve got a project on that needs a day together with the team to get right, this is the perfect option.

Rent a meeting room
Got a big meeting, but no office to host it in? Why not rent a meeting room for several hours, or even the entire day? Plus with options to have your meeting catered to, you won’t have to worry about meeting your guests’ refreshment needs. This option helps you save on expensive audio-visual equipment, and is perfect for impressing potential clients.

Get a virtual office
Working remotely and in need of a business address? You can easily rent a virtual office that fits the bill. With a commercial office address and the use of a front-of-house reception team for a diverted call service, no client call goes unanswered, and your business has a legitimate address to call its own.

Try out a new location
All of the above options are perfect, flexible options for a business looking to try out a few locations to see what works best. Rather than committing to a new location only to find out it’s not quite right, it pays to try out various locations to see what’s best and what you need before deciding for sure.

Great offices, part time
Why commit to a full-time office when you only need it part time? With flexible office space, you can rent workspace as and when you need it, saving you serious money. You can always operate a virtual office until you need the physical one in the same location, keeping your business continuity going.


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