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        Car sharing on the up as petrol prices soar

        Car sharing on the up as petrol prices soar

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          Office staff in New Zealand seem to have the right idea as far as petrol prices are concerned, as they are increasingly grouping together to share lifts to work.

          Carpooling, as it is known in that country has increased in recent years, and more schemes are being supported to get people out of their own cars and into other people’s, the New Zealand Herald has said.

          Benefits of car sharing include saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, and meeting new people. It could also make the journey quicker, as many motorways have special lanes for vehicles carrying two or more passengers. Some companies in New Zealand also have special parking spaces for those who car share.

          Staff working in office space in Milton Keynes and further afield could also take advantage of the benefits of car sharing, as there are many websites dedicated to bringing workers who live in the same area together for this purpose.

          According to the site Liftshare, people who pool together in the car can save up to £1000 a year. It is also less stressful and much more sociable than driving yourself.

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