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        Carbon Saving Achievements

        Carbon Saving Achievements

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          Carbon Saving Achievement

          Saving the planet one office at a time

          Every quarter Business Environment publish their recycling figures and the net impact the recycling has on the environment. As a business operating across the UK we recognise our responsibility to ensure we have robust systems in place to minimise our impact on the wider environment.

          The latest report (above) from our recycling partners SWR highlights our achievements for the last quarter.

          Business Environment have a policy to ensure we have zero landfill waste and a challenging UK target to recycle over 85% of our business waste. When combined these challenging targets help us maximise Carbon Saving opportunities..

          What is ‘Carbon Saving’?

          • Carbon saving is the net benefit of recycling versus landfill.
          • For example if you recycle an aluminium can the carbon saving is the equivalent carbon that would have been used to mine the aluminium ore, transport it, process it and turn it into a can.
          • By simply recycling the product you are directly avoiding all of the above processes.
          • Our figures for the above are taken directly from the ‘2011 Guidelines to Defra / DECC’s CHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting’ document on page 40.
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