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        CCTV is a great way to secure serviced office spaces

        CCTV is a great way to secure serviced office spaces

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          Data security is a major concern the majority of business owners – particularly as cyber threats open up virtual office users to a plethora of online scams.

          But digital security isn’t the be all and end all – and business owners mustn’t forget the importance of making their physical office spaces less of a target for criminals.

          According to, CCTV is an excellent way of securing business premises and the initial financial outlay can be recouped relatively quickly.

          Tom Reeve, editor of the security news website, said: “CCTV can provide invaluable evidence for following crimes and is a tool for health and safety [too].

          “For example, you can identify potential health and safety problems or investigate health and safety claims – it can save businesses a lot of money.”

          He said that for commercial premises like serviced offices, CCTV in the entrance hallway is a must.

          In 2005, the Home Office conducted a study which showed 82 per cent of people were happy for CCTV to be introduced in their area.

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