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        CGBF: The deregulation of CRC will be positive for businesses

        CGBF: The deregulation of CRC will be positive for businesses

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          The government’s promise to simplify the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) will benefit businesses that have to subscribe to it, according to the Cumbria Green Business Forum (CGBF).

          The CGBF said that the government had shown that they had listened to the business community and were already making efforts to make the CRC easier to understand and implement.

          Last month the Department of Energy and Climate Change announced that the administrative burden on businesses that must undertake the CRC is to be reduced, with a reduction in the number of fuels covered and a move away from the auctioning of allowances.

          John Barwise, chair of the CGBF, said: “There’s a lot less red tape in the new proposals, and reducing the number of fuels covered by the scheme will also help. The proposed fixed price allowance should be less complicated for smaller companies.”

          Mr Barwise also suggested that the government should be “incentivising” businesses to improve their energy efficiency rather than relying on a “carbon tax”.

          The CGBF is a business-to-business initiative where members share best practice to improve their environmental performance. They also campaign for improvements in environmental services provision in their region.

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