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        Charities are taking the lead in flexible working practices

        Charities are taking the lead in flexible working practices

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          Big business is no longer at the forefront of modern working practices – far smaller organisations are taking the lead it seems.

          According to fundraiser and charity sector consultant Valerie Morton, charities in particular are at the cutting edge of modern working practices and small and medium-sized enterprises could learn a lot from them.

          Writing for Marketing Week, she claimed that clients of charitable organisations understand the importance of flexibility while not compromising on performance – a balance all businesses, young and old, should be trying to achieve.

          “I have never once had a client suggest the service they have received from me has suffered because I work part-time – in fact, I would be surprised if many of them actually know that is the case,” Mrs Morton said.

          “Management by objectives and outcomes rather than by hours and location is all that is required,” she added.

          And small business owners could achieve the same results by finding flexible offices that allows mobile, adaptable working to become the norm.

          Even the government has realised the benefits of flexible working, claiming it can benefit employers, employees and their families.

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