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        Choosing hold music for your office line

        Choosing hold music for your office line

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          Although it might seem relatively low on the list of things to set up in an office, the hold music for your phone line is important for managing customer expectations…

          When opening a new office, the office telephone line is a vital part of the setting up process that’s often overlooked. However, the hold music and messaging played on the line for customers can be a critical part of retention and direction for business. Developing and testing a useful call system might be more important than you think for keeping customers happy.

          Read on for ideas on how to make your hold music and message work best for you…

          Choose something neutral and tasteful
          While it might be tempting to pick something you personally like, it’s better to think about what will work for listeners, particularly if they’re going to be on hold for a while during busy periods.

          Classical music is usually a good choice, as it’s neutral enough that listeners can have a conversation over it if they’re on hold a while. Avoid anything that can seem dated, or artists that may be controversial or appeal only to a certain fan base.

          Make sure you have the rights
          It’s important to check you have the rights to any music you decide to play. Music rights can be difficult waters to navigate, so make sure you consult reputable providers or a legal team before you make your choice.

          Think about your customer base
          It’s best to pick music that might appeal to your customer base. For example, if you have very traditional clients, something classical might be a nice fit. If you’ve got a younger audience, something a bit more modern might hit the right tone, but still keep it fairly neutral.

          Have a professional message
          The main challenge for businesses when putting callers on hold is retention rate. Customers will have a specific reason for calling, and being kept on a general hold can be a waste of their time and money. Having a professional, helpful message that loops with the music to inform customers of other sources of useful information may be helpful for retaining customer contact. Try suggesting a more specific extension, or an alternative contact method. Make sure you use a voice artist who appeals to your audience and write a script that sounds friendly and professional.

          Consult experts and test
          The best way to make sure you’re not losing customers or clients when they’re kept on hold is to test the system. If you can track calls made into the office – as well as the ones that make it through the calling system and stay on the line – you can see whether your messaging and music are working effectively.


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