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        Clean and tidy office: Happy, productive workforce

        Clean and tidy office: Happy, productive workforce

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          Having a tidy office may seem like common sense, but it’s far more important than simply being able to find the things you need.

          A clean and tidy office not only impacts on workplace organisation, but it also affects employee motivation, morale, productivity and both physical and mental health.

          In addition, untidy, cluttered workspaces can damage your reputation, as they don’t give a good first impression of your business, potentially giving clients the sense that you’re disorganised in general if you don’t have a clean desk policy.

          What problems does an untidy office cause?

          Not having a clean and tidy office can lead to a range of problems such as employees getting ill due to hygiene issues, falling over objects lying around, not being able to find the things they need to work on, or starting to feel depressed due to an unhealthy environment.

          Many different studies on clutter have determined it’s bad for employees’ mental health to work in a mess. The detrimental effects can include increased stress, reduced feelings of wellbeing and less efficient thinking and working. This means employees will be less productive in general.

          Feeling stressed also weakens our immune system, putting us at a greater risk of illness, especially during the flu season. Viruses and bacteria can gather on dirty office surfaces. According to a study of more than 1,000 office workers, around two-thirds said they failed to clean their own personal workspace regularly.

          Research shows the dirtiest places in any office are desk phones, taps, microwave and fridge door handles, vending machine buttons, stair handrails, door handles and lift buttons. Scientists swabbed the surfaces of around 5,000 offices to reach this conclusion.

          Of the dirtiest surfaces; 75% of taps in rest areas, such as the kitchen, contained a high concentration of germs, followed by 48% of microwave door handles.


          Who’s responsible for cleaning the office?

          Cleanliness is a health and safety issue and is governed by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The act states employers are bound by law to ensure their employees are looked after at work.

          Desks can provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, especially if employees grab a quick snack at their computers. It’s essential to maintain a stringent cleaning schedule to help everyone remain healthy and positive in the workplace.

          When it comes to flexible workspace, clear health and sanitation rules should be in place and communicated to occupiers. Without these, it will be tough to make sure the required health protocols are adhered to.

          Unlike other providers, BE Offices does not sub-contract cleaning work out to third parties and directly employs its cleaning staff. The entire in-house cleaning operation is part of the BE Offices group of companies, and the management report directly to the main board. This means we can specify exactly the cleaning standards that we require and our clients desire.

          Keeping offices clean

          Keeping workspaces tidy not only makes it easier for them to be cleaned, but also avoids a negative impact on employees’ stress levels and productivity. If a desk or office is so cluttered the user can’t even find things they need, it’s time to step in and suggest a tidy-up.

          Having a clean desk policy in the office can help employees to focus not only on reducing the health hazards, but also on giving them greater peace of mind.



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