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        Client Informed Newsletter March 2018 – Coffee Break Answers Page

        Client Informed Newsletter March 2018 – Coffee Break Answers Page

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          The March edition of the BE Offices and &Offices client newsletter is out now.

          Please see below for the answers to our coffee break puzzles and brain teasers.


          Coffee break answers page Sudoku


          Word Search


          Darkness Phobia

          First mom and dad – 2 minutes.

          Dad comes back – 3 minutes, both children go to mom – 8 minutes.

          Mom comes to dad – 10 minutes and they both get to their children – 12 minutes.


          Barber Shop Puzzle

          The traveller goes to have his hair cut at the barbershop on East Street. He figures that since there are only two barbershops in town the East Street barber must have his hair cut by the West Street barber and vice versa. So if the traveller wants to look as good as the West Street barber (the one with the good haircut), he’d better go to the man who cuts the West Street barber’s hair – the East Street barber.

          By the way, the reason the West Street barbershop is so clean and neat is that it seldom gets customers.



          There are a few ways of solving this one. I like the following simple way of thinking. The given situation (when the hour and minute hands overlay) occurs in 12 hours exactly 11 times after the same time. So it’s easy to figure out that 1/11 of the clock circle is at the time 1:05:27,273 and so the seconds hand is right on 27,273 seconds. There is no problem proving that the angle between the hours hand and the seconds hand is 131 degrees.


          Missing numbers

          In the number wheel the missing number is 17 – the sum of the two digits (9 +*) in the opposite quadrant.

          In the graph the missing number is 3 – the top number 4 is the product of 6-2, 6 is the product of 9-3, 2 is the product of 3-1, 9 is the product of 19-10, 3 is the product of 10-7, 1 is the product of 7-6.


          Moving the stick

          There are 3 possibilities: 5 + 4 = 9, 8 – 4 = 4, 0 + 4 = 4


          We hope you enjoyed your coffee break and these brain teasers. Do send your suggestions for inclusion in the next issue of Client Informed.

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