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Suite 5, Euston, £771 pws (12 months)
Suite 5, Euston, £771 pws (12 months)
Suite 6, Euston, £791 pws (12 months)
Suite 6, Euston, £791 pws (12 months)
Suite KP1, Marylebone, £714 pws (12 months)
Suite KP1, Marylebone, £714 pws (12 months)
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Client Informed Newsletter October 2017 – Coffee Break Answers Page

The October edition of the BE Offices and &Offices client newsletter is out now.

Please see below for the answers to our coffee break puzzles and brain teasers.






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Four tracks

In 1/3 of an hour (20 minutes) they travel 1/3 of a mile 6, 9, 12 and 15 times. The largest number of these numbers are all divisible by is 3. They return to their original positions 3 times in 20 minutes: after 6 2/3, 13 1/3 and 20 minutes.


Picture puzzles

1 / 3 / 6


Golf balls

Which was is the bus travelling?

When pre-school children are shown this brainteaser they often answer ‘right.’ Why? “Because you can’t see the door.” This relates to the fact that we drive on the left side of the road. This teaser illustrates a good concept about how our memory works. Imagine if our memories were absolutely perfect. On the one hand, you might have been able to answer this puzzle correctly, since you could compare this image to all the school bus images you have in your mind, and only the ones going right would match.

On the other hand, imagine truly remembering every single details of every single day of your life. It would be insurmountable to filter through all that data to retrieve useful information… you probably wouldn’t have been able to answer the question in hours or even days, trying to retrieve and process every single bus-related memory.

Remember this the next time you complain about your memory.

Light bulb moment

Turn on any two switches for say 5 minutes or so. Then switch off either one of the two and go into the room. Obviously one of the bulb’s will be switched on, whereas one of the other two bulbs will be slightly warm – this latter bulb corresponds to the other switch that was on all the while. Lastly, the third switch pertains to the bulb that is neither on nor warm.