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        Collar and tie ‘could disappear from the office’

        Collar and tie ‘could disappear from the office’

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          The top hat and the bowler – both were once staple fashions of office space in London, and both have now almost entirely disappeared from the City.

          And as the world of business continues to evolve, it seems the humble collar and tie could be set to follow them into extinction.

          According to a new poll conducted by, 74 per cent of people believe the tie will have been ditched by UK office workers within the next 50 years.

          Some 51 per cent predict it will be obsolete in 20 years, while 22 per cent expect ties to be archaic within a decade.

          Changing patterns of work may be as much to blame as changing fashions – with the growing popularity of flexible and mobile working having an impact.

          Professional people are very unlikely to wear a tie as they work in their home studies, and this relaxed dress code is set to filter into the normal workplace.

          The rise of creative businesses such as Facebook and Google – those eager to distance themselves from the ‘stuffy’ image of old – is also proving influential.

 said the decline of the tie has started on ‘Casual Fridays’, where office-based employees have been invited to dress-down for work.

          And such is the popularity of the open collar that ties are seemingly being left behind on other days of the week.

          “Ties have been around seemingly forever but increasing numbers of office workers are telling them to get knotted,” said a spokesperson for

          ”The success of businesses such as Facebook and Google, where even the CEO turns up wearing jeans and a hoodie, also seems to have had a corrosive effect on the idea of dressing formally for work.”

          He added that a tie is no longer seen as an essential part of the suited-and-booted look.

          ”Instead, many businessmen and increasing numbers of executives opt for a suit and shirt with an open collar,” the spokesperson said.

          ”The tie-less suit creates an impression of a more approachable deal maker, someone who is still business-minded, yet creative and technology-savvy, too.”

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