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        Communicate IT launches to provide ‘jargon-free’ IT services

        Communicate IT launches to provide ‘jargon-free’ IT services

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          Business Environment is launching new brand Communicate IT which promises to deliver simple, easy and fuss-free IT solutions to small businesses in need of reliable communications, on an on-going or ad-hoc basis.

          Communicate IT plugs a gap in the market for transparent IT installation and services that don’t come with complicated ‘IT speak’, enabling businesses to access quality solutions they can understand and trust, at highly affordable pricing.

          Designed to meet the demands of small businesses and entrepreneurs operating within business centres, Communicate IT packages are all-inclusive and can be tailored according to requirements, whether they be telephone lines, online security, cloud storage, VOIP, firewalls, network printers, fibre and copper cabling, CCTV and access control.

          Importantly there’s also a person at the end of the phone, rather than the usual online log to report any problems or request information.

          Graham Hefferman, director, Communicate IT said: “IT is at the heart of every business these days and when something goes wrong it can have serious implications, particularly for small businesses. So often we speak to business owners who have been burned by poor IT support and this was the inspiration for Communicate IT.

          “We audited the market and found that there was a gap for sophisticated IT installation and services specifically for those operating in business centres. Communicate IT offers a personalised service – there’s always someone at the end of the line – and we offer a range of packages to suit every type of business.”

          Communicate IT packages include: start up, relocation, corporate upgrades and consultancy and can be tailored to meet budget specifications.

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