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        Community wellbeing with Happy Minds at Work

        Community wellbeing with Happy Minds at Work

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          BE Offices continues to focus on the wellbeing of its client community with a lunchtime virtual Desk Meditation and Chair Yoga workshop.

          Hosted by Happy Minds at Work on Monday 24th January, BE Offices clients are invited to participate in a workshop which will guide them through exercises to do at their desks, which are proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, tiredness, irritability, depression, anger or unwanted habits, and increase energy and calmness.

          Stress can start to take hold around midday, as well as fatigue, deep within the system, due to a morning spent in concentration. A daily routine incorporating a midday meditation and yoga session ensures a break for the central nervous system enabling a deep state of rest from within. It results in a more productive and proactive afternoon, with increased energy levels, greater enthusiasm and improved motivation, leaving the participant more focused, alert and engaged, thus improving work productivity dramatically.

          Research shows that employee wellbeing has a critical impact on numerous areas of business performance and better levels of wellbeing result in lower levels of absence.

          Simple to practice, there is no requirement for special postures or any equipment and the benefits are numerous and proven to be highly effective in maintaining a healthy mind and body during the working day. Benefits include…

          • Reduced anxiety, stress and depression
          • Increased creativity, productivity and performance
          • Improved heart health and blood pressure
          • Increased confidence, energy levels and improved sleep
          • Reduced anger, migraines and post-traumatic stress

          Regular yoga practice at work helps give the body a break from frequent positioning. It will also help improve posture over time, improve circulation, increase energy levels and improve overall physical health.

          When practiced daily, meditation and yoga techniques boost the immune system and allow the body recuperation time due to the immense level of rest the body reaches during meditation. Different to the rest we get when we sleep, meditation benefits the central nervous system on a deep level.

          The part of the nervous system responsible for stress may be inhibited by meditation. Stress, tension, and anxiety are known to trigger or aggravate headaches and migraines. Practicing mind-body techniques like meditation alleviates underlying stress, thereby helping to relieve headaches. A 2014 study in the journal Headache found that people who regularly practiced meditation had dramatically fewer migraines per month. For those who suffer from chronic migraine, the reduction is significant.

          Originating from the Vedic system from ancient India, the techniques used in desk mediation and yoga have been tried and tested for thousands of years and a wealth of research has been covered on the subjects in contemporary times.

          Organisations can only benefit from a workforce that is motivated, productive, happy, engaged and creative and it has been scientifically proven that meditation is an effective method for helping teams sustain their energy, productivity, creativity, focus and performance.



          Posted by Michelle Winton – Community & Event Manager

          Image courtesy of Shutterstock


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