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        Companies ‘increasingly embracing BYOD’

        Companies ‘increasingly embracing BYOD’

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          More companies are embracing the bring your own device (BYOD) concept that allows office workers to use their own mobile phones and tablet devices in the workplace.

          A new report from Good Technology indicated that the percentage of enterprises formally supporting BYOD is up from 72 per cent to 76 per cent.

          One of the main benefits of BYOD is that it makes mobile working much easier for members of staff and it appears likely this is a trend that will continue in the coming years.

          Indeed, as a survey recently commissioned by Newsworks and carried out by YouGov showed, some 29 per cent of UK adults now own a tablet, which is more than 12 million people.

          As well as those who already have tablets such as Apple’s iPad and the Kindle Fire, seven per cent of respondents said they intend to get one in the coming months.

          It was also noted in the Good Technology report that those companies that indicated they had no plans to support BYOD was down from nine per cent to five per cent year-over-year, which suggests that the trend is becoming more inevitable for the enterprise.

          “Over the last year BYOD has undoubtedly gained traction in the enterprise. The number of companies that had previously stated they had “no plans” to support BYOD has markedly declined and corporate BYOD deployments has not only grown in sheer number but also increased from a US-only model to become more global in scale, as many large multi-national or foreign-based customers join in support for the trend,” concluded Good Technology.

          It was claimed by the firm that the rise of BYOD could be down to the “consumerisation of IT” that has become more apparent over the course of the last few years.

          Good Technology also noted that there is an increased understanding of, as well as access to, information about best practices for supporting BYOD in the workplace.

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