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        “Consumerisation” is a big problem for IT departments – Websense

        “Consumerisation” is a big problem for IT departments – Websense

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          IT departments in office space in London and the rest of the UK are struggling under pressure to make smartphones and tablets accessible for work, Websense has claimed.

          Staff working in departments up and down the country are having to play a balancing game as they try to set up the system, which requires potentially private data to be used on a personal device, the data security company added.

          Group product manager Spencer Parker said: “Maybe that [person] needs to get his work done, and the only way of doing it is on their phone, because [the company is] not providing the phone to do it. The IT department then has a balancing act; they’re losing access to that data because they’re putting it onto a device they no longer own or control – is that an accessible risk?”

          Data security has become a big issue for companies in recent years, with the increase in popularity of smartphones and tablets.

          Online security provider Norton said that the threat to mobile devices is only going to increase as malware becomes more sophisticated and mobile devices become more popular.

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