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        Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 12 – 86 turtle eggs moved to safety!

        Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 12 – 86 turtle eggs moved to safety!

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          We were on the 2-5am patrol last night/this morning and we got very lucky with the weather and with turtles!

          Firstly, we came across an already buried nest which wasn’t in too good an area so therefore had to be excavated. I (Tom) pulled out 86 eggs and relocated them to a safe spot to hatch naturally.

          We then saw four other sets of turtle tracks and followed them to nests which happily were in a safe location and we let them be. We then spotted a mother turtle finishing up, and camouflaging her nest. These were also safe, but what we did was create a dummy hole/nest to deter any poachers that possibly might be looking for turtle tracks. Once this was done we had then completed our patrol!

          Today, we had absolutely amazing weather with wall to wall sunshine! And we were fortunate enough to have today off as well so I (Tom) spent the day sunbathing and I (Meg) sat by the beach and went for a lovely walk. Subsequently Tom is now sunburned and I have a good tan 🙂

          Once lunch was finished, quite a few of us then decided to head down to the local hotel for their swimming pool and their bar. It was a really good afternoon, until the rain came and we were forced to endure a 30 minute walk back in the deluge but just in time for dinner.

          Straight after dinner, we then had our patrol starting at 7pm until 10pm.

          Meanwhile, the storm was getting worse and the lightning was getting closer. This meant we could only do one walk of the north beach and had to call it a night at that. No turtles for us 🙁

          We now have no further duties until 3pm tomorrow when the beach clean up is scheduled. It is forecast to rain all day tomorrow unfortunately but at least we made the most of today 🙂


          Meg & Tom



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