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        Creating an Elevator Pitch

        Your Elevator Pitch – You have 60 seconds before they stop listening!

        1. Hook them with your Story – 20 seconds.
        The first thing people want to know is who you are and why you started. Plus, this will build a personal connection with them.
        People do business with people, not businesses.

        2. Recognise the Problem – 15 seconds.
        Introduce the problem that you want to solve. Make them realise how big it is with stats and numbers. The fact that you have facts will show them how serious you are and the facts will put the problem into perspective.
        A good stat should make someone’s jaw drop.

        3. Treat them to the Solution – 15 seconds.
        How are you solving this problem? What is your product, service or business idea? Why are you able to do it better than anyone else? This is where you build credibility.
        People open their wallets to close their problems.

        4. Bring Home the bacon – 10 seconds.
        What’s the point of the conversation? Why are you even talking to this person or group? You need to end your pitch with an offer or request. Tailor it. Usually, this is a request to set up a meeting to sell them on your idea further and tell them more.

        5. Use it on Everyone, Everywhere
        Everyone and their mum needs to hear this pitch. You never know who could become a customer. The more people who know about you, your business and your story, the better.

        6. Practice makes perfect.
        Every time someone asks you about yourself, your elevator pitch needs to be your answer. The more you do it the more you become comfortable.
        Try to pitch at least once a day.

        7. Organise your business cards effectively.
        Put business cards collected in a separate place to keep your own business cards so you don’t end up giving out someone else’s card (easily done!) So perhaps have an in-pocket and out-pocket in your pants, jacket or handbag.

        8. Show them emotion.
        Be passionate. Decisions are based on logic and emotion.
        Passion is a very powerful

        Creating an Elevator Pitch
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