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        Customers can motivate staff in serviced offices, says business professor

        Customers can motivate staff in serviced offices, says business professor

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          The direct and personal relationship between staff and managers in small businesses, which may work in shared offices, can be a great tool for workplace motivation, according to an American business professor.

          Adam Grant, from the University of Pennsylvania, has completed research on employee motivation and retention and found that customer interaction has a surprisingly large impact on the motivation of employees.

          His research showed that the better the relationship workers have built up with the customer, the more they were motivated to please them. Also, once they had seen away one satisfied customer, they were keen to make sure the next customer was happy, and the next one after that.

          Mr Grant told the news provider: “The majority of people in the majority of the world’s cultures endorse helping others and protecting and promoting the well-being of people they know as the single most important guiding principle in life.”

          Natwest bank recently spoke about the benefits of using customers as a marketing tool, as a happy customer is likely to recommend a company where they have had good service or a good experience.

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