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        Direct mail ‘still matters if it’s done well’

        Direct mail ‘still matters if it’s done well’

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          Direct mail still has relevance in today’s business world if it is done properly, according to Stefan Drew Associates.

          The marketing and management consultancy said that direct mail could work extremely well if it was used properly.

          To make the most of direct mail, Businesses operating in serviced offices would need to ensure that it was put together properly and targeted effectively.

          Stefan Drew, marketing consultant and founder of Stefan Drew Associates, explained that it needed to be sent to people who actually had an interest in what the company did.

          Mr Drew said: “[For example], if you’re a charity [it needs to be] someone who has already shown an interest in that charity in one way or another.

          “The other way I would suggest that charities and organisations like that look at marketing, is to first of all have a good website that [people] can find if they do a search.”

          He added that the best way of being visible on Google and coming up high on the pages was to do online advertising with Google ad words.

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