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        Disabled jobseekers ‘not receiving support from recruiters’

        Disabled jobseekers ‘not receiving support from recruiters’

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          There is a large disparity between the support recruiters and employers perceive themselves to be giving to disabled people who are looking for work and the help they feel they actually get, reports HR Magazine.

          A survey by the Clear Company has found that despite 90 per cent of recruiters saying they are supportive, only 13 per of disabled candidates say they receive it.

          Part of the problem may well be identifying those who have a disability as just 52 per cent of respondents said they would declare their disability to a recruitment agency.

          A further 74 per cent were reluctant to tell potential employers about a disability in case in negatively impacted on their chance of being offered work.

          Kate Headley, development director at The Clear Company, told the news provider: “It’s encouraging to see leaders from the UK recruitment industry are stating their intent to include disabled people. But these findings tell us these good intentions are simply not good enough.”

          One of the problems may be a lack of understanding of the best way to deal with disabled candidates as they have had insufficient training on the subject.

          A lack of knowledge and confidence can mean that some of those looking to recruit new members of staff are causing offence instead of putting disabled candidates at ease.

          Though businesses seem to realise the important of being seen to get this right, it is even more important that they actually get it right.

          Emma Harvey, employment partner and head of the recruitment group at law firm DWF, told the news provider: “There are ten million people in the UK with a disability. Together they are a voice with the power to positively influence the perceptions of some of the biggest global brands.”

          All employers have to treat disabled applicants fairly under the Disability Discrimination Act, but some businesses who are especially accommodating of disabled candidates will display the two ticks disability symbol on job adverts.

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