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        Disabled people ‘finding it hard to find work’

        Disabled people ‘finding it hard to find work’

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          Disabled people looking for work in serviced offices or other buildings have found it particularly hard to find employment during the recession and downturn, according to Inclusive Employers.

          Rachel Krys, the organisation’s director, explained that when the job market becomes tighter and employers need to make “much safer decisions”, disabled people can often miss out on opportunities.

          She said: “I also think that employers, some employers, they take very harsh decisions when looking at who to keep on in a redundancy situation; I think some disabled people can suffer then. It’s harder for them.”

          In a revealing interview, Ms Krys went on to discuss how employers have improved the way they handle people with disabilities, explaining that a lot of barriers that hindered them had been removed.

          However, there isstill plenty to be done.

          Ms Krys added: “I think that there has been huge progress with some employers but I think some people are still facing barriers where maybe their CVs, their job history, has more gaps in it possibly, linked to their disability and that can really put some employers off, they just stick to ‘well if there are gaps then that’s not someone I really want to take on.'”

          On August 19th 2011 thousands of disabled Remploy workers protested over plans to cut government funding to their 54 factories.

          Inclusive Employers is an organisation that helps employers develop an inclusive workplace and avoid the pitfalls of discrimination.

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