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        Does your small business need a refurb?

        Does your small business need a refurb?

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          We can give our homes a spring clean or lick of paint, but can you give your business a quick refurb?

          Your business might be trundling along nicely, but you get the feeling that it’s not all it should be. Maybe it’s time for a business refurb.

          BE 16 Feb a

          It’s nothing as major as an overhaul, but bigger than simply changing the biscuits in the staff room.

          Here are a few ways to give your firm a new lease of life in 2016…

          New faces
          After a while a small business can get into a rut. Once everyone knows their job and can do it well, the temptation is to not rock the boat. But sometimes this leads to stagnation.

          Bringing in a new face provides not just new ideas and ways of working but a whole new office dynamic.

          Try employing someone from a new skills set or with a different background to your current team and see what happens.

          Get on the phone
          A great way to boost your business is with a new contract. But these don’t just come walking in through the door. While you might feel like you’re doing all you can, maybe looking to new clients or leads is the wrong way to go.

          Go through your contacts and chase a few leads that you thought were long dead. Whether it was someone you met at a networking event or conference, or a former client that moved on, time can change things and it may well be you’re the right supplier for them.

          Plan a new marketing campaign
          How people view your business can influence how you and your staff view it. Changing your marketing strategy can bring a buzz to the office.

          Try changing the tone of voice in your marketing materials to something more relaxed or come up with some striking new imagery for your campaign.

          If you start talking about your business in a more relaxed and positive way, your team may soon start to react in the same way.

          Search social media
          Social media is a tool that’s only now being fully appreciated by small business. But it’s more than just a way to advertise your business.

          You can spot leads, see what rivals are up to, find out what’s being discussed in your industry and discover new ideas that could help move your business into different area.

          LinkedIn is full of advice from key industry influencers, while Facebook and Twitter can offer an alternative point of view.

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