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        Dress down days a thing of the past?

        Dress down days a thing of the past?

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          In many office spaces around the country Friday is dress down day, a day when people get to ditch their suits and ties and head to work in more casual attire.

          However, in the current tough economic climate it seems many workers are abandoning casual Friday is favour of dressing to impress for the whole week.

          A recent survey by UK work wear provider Alexandra found that 94 per cent of people polled thought that dressing to create the right impression with clients and colleagues alike is one area where they can affect the economy.

          Almost half of those questioned (46 per cent) added that having a ‘uniform’ approach to work clothes can help win business and boost sales.

          It is also believed that dressing smartly makes people appear more trustworthy and professional while dressing in a scruffy manner can actually affect productivity.

          Nick Acaster, marketing director of Alexandra workwear, said: “Austerity is now manifesting itself in our attitude to work and what we expect from our workers in terms of what they look like and how they feel about themselves and their long-term job security.

          “First impressions have always mattered, but they seem to matter more in these difficult economic times. The way we dress is a significant trigger to how we may perform and how we are perceived in terms of professionalism and trustworthiness.”

          In terms of how to dress to impress, Angela Marshall, of Appearance Management and the author of Being Truly You, Discovering Your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality, suggests that people should dress for the brand they worm for. For example anyone working in a corporate environment such as a law firm may want to wear a traditional suit while someone in the media may opt for something a bit more modern and relaxed.

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