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        Electronic devices in workplace not helping out employees

        Electronic devices in workplace not helping out employees

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          The increase of electronic devices for improving the quality of work between staff in serviced offices and other buildings is having the opposite effect, according to a new study.

          Social media provider found that the overabundance of electronic devices intended to be used for collaboration, social networking and making work-related tasks easier to complete was in fact leading to “rudeness at the office and at home”.

          The report revealed that 41 per cent of workers remained “glued to their screens” during face-to-face meetings, 31 per cent had actually disrupted a meeting to answer a call on a mobile phone and that 19 per cent were willing to disobey their bosses and stay connected to such devices even after being told to disconnect.

          David Lavenda, vice president of product strategy at, said that there was a “classic case” of double standards in the workplace.

          He said: “82 per cent complained about other peoples’ tendencies to disrupt proceedings by answering a mobile phone, tweeting, [and] sending an instant message.

          “Yet, rather ironically, 70 per cent of those that rudely interrupt meetings themselves would be offended if someone did the same thing to them.”

          He added that this “pressure” to stay connected had led many people to forget about the importance of good manners.

 is a provider of social email software that brings document collaboration to every business user by transforming the email client into a collaboration and social workspace.

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