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        Elemental: Businesses need to get with the social revolution or fail

        Elemental: Businesses need to get with the social revolution or fail

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          Businesses need to get with the digital revolution and engage with social media platforms or face “brand dilution”, according to a communications consultancy.

          In an age typified by greater conversation between companies and organisations, businesses operating in serviced offices and other accommodation risk failure.

          Tim Gibbon, director at Elemental, said that social media platforms enabled companies “to have direct communication and interaction with its audiences within their own environments”.

          This greater openness has done away with existing barriers that prevented companies form engaging directly with their audience.

          Mr Gibbon said: “Social media brings both opportunities and threats, but regardless of this it is happening and it is a case of engage or be ignored, suffer brand dilution and possibly fail.”

          According to a recent survey conducted by Fresh Business Thinking, more than half of professionals report a direct boost to their business as a result of their social media usage.

          The survey reported that 83 per cent of the respondents had a LinkedIn account, closely followed by Facebook at 79 per cent, with 70 per cent using Twitter.

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