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        Elemental: Businesses need to integrate social media into core business operations

        Elemental: Businesses need to integrate social media into core business operations

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          Businesses operating in serviced offices need to be on top of their social media practices, according to a communications consultancy.

          Elemental said that businesses have to ensure that their social media strategies are integrated with the rest of the business operations rather than functioning as a separate marketing tactic.

          Tim Gibbon, director of Elemental, said that there was often a knee-jerk reaction to creating social media departments, dedicated teams, the hiring of social media agencies to create social strategies, but these tended to be exclusive to the core business.

          Mr Gibbon said: “Instead of a dedicated social media strategy, businesses need to incorporate the approach of using these platforms into an overall media and/or marketing strategy where it is seamless into business operations.”

          His comments come on the back of recent research that found small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK are using social networks to acquire new customers with significantly more success than their larger counterparts.

          The study from Regus found that 42 per cent of SMEs are winning new business using social media compared to 35 per cent of firms with 250+ employees.

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