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        Embarrassed office workers are hiding unsightly fax machines

        Embarrassed office workers are hiding unsightly fax machines

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          With the death of the traditional office cubicle, a new aesthetic revolution appears to be taking place in office spaces around the globe.

          According to new research from printer manufacturer Lexmark, employees and business owners alike are increasingly concerned about the look and feel of their office spaces – not just their functionality.

          Lexmark claims that two-thirds of serviced office and virtual office workers would pay extra for more fashionable looking pieces of equipment.

          The firm noted that almost three-quarters believe that computers are the most stylish pieces of office equipment.

          And, it seems, office workers prefer black desktops and laptops to white ones.

          Unfortunately, fax machines and printers were ranked as the least stylish pieces of hardware to be found in service office spaces. Respondents claimed that they were either too big or didn’t fit in with the look of the rest of the technology used by their respective companies.

          Steve Purdy, country general manager at Lexmark UK, said: “We’re entering a new era of style on the desktop where sleek looks and design meet advanced technology.”

          Recently, the iPad picked up a number of industry awards thanks to its amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality.

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