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        Employee recognition needed for maximum productivity

        Employee recognition needed for maximum productivity

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          In the main, employees give all they can to their company or organisation during the working day.

          Primarily, they do so in order to earn a salary at the end of the month, but as human beings, this may not be the only motivation when coming in to work each day.

          Many employees are prepared to go that extra mile – and make a real difference to the company bottom line – for additional intrinsic reward.

          While the satisfaction gained from a job well done can boost many employees, it never hurts their bosses to show a little appreciation for their efforts.

          Whether they do this with a pay bonus, a promotion, a gift, time off or just a simple thank you – it doesn’t always matter.

          But the fact remains, employees like to receive a little recognition for their endeavours in the workplace – and rightly so.

          In a recent study concerning employee productivity, TJinsite – the research arm of – discovered that more than a third of staff members are concerned about the lack of recognition they receive at work.

          Some 35 per cent of those surveyed said this was the biggest hindrance to their productivity, with respondents indicating that a little gratitude can make a big difference to their morale levels.

          “In today’s tough economic environment, it has become incredibly important for companies to recognise, reward and value their most valuable and difficult to source assets,” noted Sakaar Anand, vice president of HR at CA Technologies.

          He told the Economic Times that the most skilled and experienced staff members – those who have the most options – will simply go elsewhere if their achievements are overlooked.

          “When the company thinks of the employee beyond a work horse, the employee is motivated to give more,” Mr Anand added.

          “This way they create the difference between dangling a carrot and sincerely recognising an employee’s talent, passion, risk taking and creativity.”

          Even when businesses are using virtual offices or shared office space, employees remain a valuable asset – indeed one of the most valuable the company has.

          Business leaders need to recognise and nurture talent, or see it walk out the door and head to one of their competitors.

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