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        Employees feel unable to reach full potential at work

        Employees feel unable to reach full potential at work

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          Four out of five employees feel that their skills are not being fully utilised at work, according to a new report.

          Lumesse’s Inspiring Talent 2011 report found that despite being relatively happy in their jobs, the fact that they were unable to reach their full potential meant that many were unwilling to commit to long-term employment.

          The survey also found that 29 per cent of workers were looking to leave their respective employers within five years.

          Matthew Parker, chief executive officer of Lumesse, said: “Regardless of age, gender and geographical location, it’s clear that many people feel their skills are not used as well as they could be and that many employers are not using effective performance appraisal techniques to help people contribute more.”

          He added that the only solution people saw to this was to move to a new job.

          “That’s a pity because overall the survey shows good levels of workplace pride and satisfaction,” he added.

          The Cornwall Development Company recently reported that one in three (35 per cent) of the UK’s 30 million workers are spending more time at work than at home since the start of the economic downturn.

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