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        Employees ‘ready to embrace hot desking’

        Employees ‘ready to embrace hot desking’

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          One of the key considerations for a company planning to introduce hot desking is likely to be the attitude of its employees towards working from home.

          If staff members are not prepared to ‘buy in’ to smart working practices, and prove resistant, it is debatable how productive they will be working away from the office.

          But those who have a positive attitude towards working from home and other locations are more likely to maintain – or even improve – their current level of performance.

          As such, latest research from Citrix is sure to offer some employers the reassurance they need to embrace smart working practices.

          The survey found that employees are so keen to work from home that 64 per cent would give up a pleasure – such as drinking alcohol – for the privilege of doing so even just once a week.

          As reported by, the survey found that half of all employees surveyed are not yet allowed to work from home, but would like to be given this option.

          The finding suggests that employers looking to reduce their office overheads will see little resistance from their workers when they attempt to implement home working.

          With modern technology solutions such as cloud computing enabling professionals to work effectively from anywhere with an internet connection, many firms see no real purpose in bringing employees in to the office every day.

          Hot desking schemes allow companies to employ more people than the number of workstations they have in their office.

          So companies can still expand without increasing the size of their office and adding to their rent and utilities bills each month.

          Employees can still spend some time in the workplace with their colleagues – it just means that different people will be working from home on any given day.

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