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        Employees realise ‘the benefits of cloud computing’

        Employees realise ‘the benefits of cloud computing’

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          Mobile working could take off big time with the suggestion that employees in the UK have finally “woken up” to the opportunities presented by cloud technologies.

          The trade association Intellect said that employees have had a “realisation” with regards to cloud computing, courtesy of, interestingly, the rail strikes and the huge amount of snow that fell last winter in the UK.

          Ian Osborne, project director at Intellect, said: “The rail strikes and snow [problems] over the year have given people the realisation that actually you can do a lot of what you do in the office at home, without the hassle of getting there and back.”

          He added that there was now an increased appetite for greater flexible working.

          “Virtually all of us have Hotmail or Gmail accounts as well, so we’re already using the cloud,” he said. “I don’t quite understand why we have to go through such horrendous machinations to get hold of the company email.”

          According to research by Virgin Media Business there is a huge disconnect between employers and workers when it comes to cloud services in the workplace, with six in ten workers demanding access to cloud services while only one in ten companies currently deploy them.

          Intellect is the UK’s technology trade association, providing a voice for over 800 members and driving connections between business and government.

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