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        Employees “too embarrassed” to claim small expenses at work

        Employees “too embarrassed” to claim small expenses at work

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          A survey has found that many employees working in office space in London and the rest of the country do not claim small expenses, saving companies hundreds of pounds a year.

          Concur discovered that one in five workers spend around £270 on work-related items which they do not claim back in expenses, while almost one in 20 said they spend around £600 which they do not claim.

          Lawrence Gold, presenter of BBC programme The Bank of Mum and Dad, said that many staff members were simply too embarrassed to claim back the small amounts.

          He added: “We are really good at switching utility providers and saving between £200 and £300 a year, but when we’re spending our money for our employer’s benefit we don’t claim it back. We live in very tough times at the moment.

          “We’re trying to save our money – we’re not going shopping as much, we’re not spending as much money as we used to do, we’re switching utility providers, we’re switching mobile phone providers – why are we not claiming money back that we should have in our pocket.”

          Laziness was another reason why many people did not make claims to their employers, as almost 50 per cent said they “couldn’t be bothered.”

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