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        Employers struggle to fill vacancies despite plenty of applicants

        Employers struggle to fill vacancies despite plenty of applicants

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          Employers based in office space in London and the rest of the UK are facing huge problems in finding suitable staff to fill vacancies, despite being inundated with applications.

          The CIPD Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey showed that three-quarters of firms are having trouble filling vacancies as they receive a wealth of unsuitable applications, but very few from people with the right skills and specialist knowledge for the job.

          It showed that one of the main reasons for the dearth of talent could be because talented people are staying put in their jobs, yet high unemployment numbers mean that many people are sending off applications for jobs they are not qualified for or suited to.

          Claire McCartney, resourcing and talent planning advisor at CIPD, said: “Headlines focus on high levels of unemployment, but those stark statistics mask an ongoing struggle for employers to find the skills and experience they need to drive their businesses forward.”

          The Open University recently launched two new computing and IT degrees geared towards providing people with the necessary skills for jobs, in a bid to address the skills crisis.

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