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        Engaging office space staff is key to sustainability

        Engaging office space staff is key to sustainability

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          Businesses need to work hard at engaging their office space staff if they are to hold onto the best employees and keep them motivated.

          According to motivation specialist Harriet Kingaby, a consultant at Futerra Sustainability Communications, one of the key aspects of modern serviced office space motivation is autonomy.

          Workers need to feel like they are in charge of their own destiny – and workload.

          Businesses can even use flexible and mobile working solutions to allow staff to get out of the office space once in a while.

          Writing for the Guardian, Ms Kingaby also claimed that praising top performing staff was another good way of keeping morale high.

          “Use praise, recognition and empowerment as motivators. They are more powerful motivators than money if your workforce is paid enough,” she said.

          “And never use bonuses to motivate people as a carrot. Use them as a ‘surprise’ after the event,” Ms Kingaby added.

          Francis McGinty, a board member at the International Stress Management Association, recently said that piping music into the office space can keep staff engaged.

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