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        EV Charging Points at Basingstoke and Reading

        EV Charging Points at Basingstoke and Reading

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          Electric vehicle charging points have been installed at our Reading and Basingstoke business centres!

          At Business Environment, we pride ourselves on being able to support businesses in our centres in their quest to go green. This is why we have installed electronic car charging points at our Basingstoke and Reading business centres. And as you’d expect with us – if you’re a client they are free to use.

          Electric vehicles (EVs) are better for human health as they do not release the air pollutants that petrol or diesel cars do. If you own an EV, you could also be saving money as well as the environment.

          The two new charging points will join 8685 other points in the UK, and our Reading and Basingstoke business centres have become two out of 3343 UK charging locations, a number that is constantly on the up.

          We’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and make life a little easier for our clients…

          basingstoke reading ev charger

          Basingstoke client Steve Perry of HP Consultants inspired this venture – “I jokingly asked Lisa when ViewPoint was going to get an electric hook up for my new electric car, I was shocked when two weeks later Lisa told me they are fitting one next week…This just shows that not only did BE Offices listen but more importantly they acted. I still can’t believe that a 2 second comment has become reality so quickly. It also shows that green issues are important to us all and more companies should be forward thinking about this. I will now be able to drive to and from work without any co2 emissions.”

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